The disappearance of dawn


What would happen if Dawn suddenly disappeared from the sky so that villains could keep the world in the blackest night forever?  Who could find and rescue her and bring back the light?

The Disappearance of Dawn is
a richly illustrated poem that provides the enchanting answers!

This book should pique your children’s imagination, introduce figurative language, foster their interest in nature & mythology, enrich their vocabulary and foster critical thinking skills.

I have been enjoying and writing poetry since I was a child.  For me, poetry was and is a way to express not only my feelings, but my impressions of the world around me.  I was a shy child, a deep thinker, and poetry was my voice.

The Disappearance of Dawn is a book that began with my imagination in combination with my interest in both nature and ancient mythology.  I wanted to use my experience as a mother of five and as a speech pathologist working with elementary school-aged children to accomplish several goals: 1. to engage the child’s imagination 2. to introduce the child to figurative language through poetry 3. to pique his or her interest in nature and classic mythology  4. to enrich the child’s vocabulary  5. to foster critical thinking skills…what would happen if?

I have noticed in my profession that many children lack a descriptive vocabulary. While parents reading The Disappearance of Dawn can explain the vocabulary to their children as they read, older children can take advantage of the glossary at the end of the book to look up words that they may not understand.

I am fortunate to know a young artist, Liz Wolf (, who could make my imagination come alive on the page.  It is my hope that The Disappearance of Dawn will come alive for your children.

Jude McCanse has been writing poetry since childhood, but has not pursued publishing until recently.  She is a speech pathologist living in Rockford, Illinois with her husband, Don, a general surgeon.  They have five wonderful grown children who provide inspiration, support and much laughter.  Jude is a lucky woman.

You can find her poetry in The Rockford Review, and an essay written about her father, Jack Bonavia, titled “The Happy Man” in Tim Russert’s Wisdom of Our Fathers.

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